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Samaria Gorge

In the Prefecture of Chania, in the South of the plateau of Omalos, at an altitude of 1,200 metres, begins the Samaria Gorge with the other edge is 12.5 km, while up the coast of Libyan Sea in Agia Roumeli is 16 km , in total.

A breathtaking journey to nature with beautiful unspoilt scenery and wild life within! Worth at least once in his life someone pass and  gained this experience!

Walk through the Canyon for about 18 km crossing the White Mountains and ending in the small village of Saint Roumeli overlooking the Libyan Sea. The path is filled from flowers, plants and trees, abandoned settlements and goats (known as KRI-KRI), and birds of prey.

The hike followed by a short cruise around the southern coastline in the pretty coastal village of Chora Sfakion, where you are going for lunch break at one of the local taverns.


The beach of Balos and Gramvousa island located in the Prefecture of Chania, on the northwestern tip of Crete.

Starting from the port of Kissamos, followed by a pleasant journey, will arrive in gramvousa where the ancient yard Tersanas will grab your attention, as well as the geological phenomenon of the elevation of the Earth by 6 to 9 meters above the level of the sea.

The Island known as the island of pirates but will fascinate you with its wild beauty and exotic features.


Then we will make a second short boat trip to the beautiful lagoon of Balos, a shallow and warm lagoon and one of the nicest parts of Crete. Here you can enjoy the good time swimming in cozy crystal waters of Western Crete and sunbathe on the white sands.


The Lake Preveli is located about 35 km east of Rethymnon. The beach is one of the most famous of southern Crete and accept thousands of visitors every summer. Located below the monastery, which is our first stop.

The monastery of Preveli, comprises two main building complexes, the ruined Lower monastery of St. John the Baptist and the current functional Upper monastery of Saint John the theologian

The beach of Preveli is a landscape of rare beauty. The paradise of Crete. The waters of the Big river re-emerge on the beach forming a small lake. The banks are full of Palm trees while left and right spread the steep slopes of the Canyon.

It is an idyllic place, with crystal clear waters, to swim, while one in front of you , lies a landscape of jungle Palms witch is worth to explore.


Spinalonga is one of the most popular destinations of archaeological interest in Crete. Located in the District of Lassithi and for more than 50 years was a place of transportation and subsistence lepers.

Initially, the Venetians fortified the islet in 1579 by constructing a fortress with 40 cannons and in fact is one of the best preserved fortifications in Europe.

The Fortress of spinalonga is a complex of fortifications with standard architecture technical and aesthetic qualities. Until now kept in satisfactory condition and holds an excellent position in the wealth of Crete.

The island has made restoration of many buildings, such as houses, shops and leprokomeia. You can get an idea of how life was like and daily roytine for these people.

On Spinalonga we have a tour around the island, and then we return to the boat and we are having the next  stop at the beach << Pumpkin >> where you’ll enjoy swimming  in the clear blue waters, and your lunch.

Finally, before returning, we will make a stop in the town of Saint Nikolas. Saint Nikolas is a town of 14,000 inhabitants and in its center, has created the Lake Voulismeni, probably by an earthquake.

There we’ll do a break for coffee or a ride on the Lake, and to wander for a while in the picturesque streets of the city.



Knossos and the Palace of King Minos

If your destination is Crete, this should be your first choice.

Visit Knossos and the Palace of King Minos, which is one of the most important monuments not only of Crete but also of the Greece. Thrilling legends of the labyrinth with the Minotaur and Daedalus with  Icarus , connected with the Palace of Knossos.

Knossos , attracts every year thousands of tourists from around the world. Enjoy a tour of the historic site learning details and listen to everything about the legendary maze.

The wreckage of the Palace filled awe visitors. The high technical knowledge of Minoans ,  the original architectural inventions, like the history of the Palace carrying the visitor into another era and a culture which makes him to want  to know more.

The same excursion includes visit to monastery of << Kera Karditsiwtissas >> knon also as << Little Lourdes>> .

The Lassithi plateau is a fertile area, known primarily for its windmills and crops. It has many trails for hikers, mountaineers and cyclists.

It is the largest plateau of Crete, which encircle, like wall , by the mountains of Dikti. Explore the villages, located in the hills, try local tastes, with premium quality materials, and experience the magic and the tranquility of the landscape.

After our lunch, at some of the local villages of Lassithi, will do a tour in the Dikti cave where Zeus was born, the father of the Greek Gods

While crossing the villages of the plateau, we make a short visit to a traditional pottery factory, watching an ancient pottery art, which currently fills more than 8,000 years of history.